Lab: Overview of Python libraries

Outcome: agree on code base to use.

The goal of this lab session is to agree on a choice of programming approach.

Students should still work through the final chapter of the course (an overview of a number of libraries) but the main outcome of the session should be a conversation with the tutor and an agreement on a course of action.

Email to students

Send this to students in preparation (BCc tutors):

Subject: Lab session goal: deciding on a programming strategy + prep


Dear students,

The goal of the next lab session is to identify the research project you
would like to tackle for your individual assessment <url>.

You should aim to work through the chapter of the course demonstrating a
number of Python libraries available to you: <>.

Your lab tutor will aim to have a conversation with you about the specific
project you plan to tackle. To make this conversation productive try and
have an idea of this before the lab session. The outcome of your
conversation should be an agreed set of programming concepts to consider for
your topic.

Your lab tutor will also remind you to identify at least 2 references
relevant to your topic choice and to bring these to the next class meeting
for discussion.