Pre: LaTeX Refresher + Writing Mathematics


Briefly discuss LaTeX and point students towards

Describe plagiarism

Ask students to spend 3 minutes discussing what plagiarism is. This should be a reminder/revision of what was discussed during Library session.

Writing mathematics

Ask students to spend 5 minutes reading Some Guidelines for Good Mathematical Writing. A welsh language version is available too: Rhai Canllawiau ar Gyfer Ysgrifennu Mathemategol Da

Spend 5 minutes in groups discussing principles of mathematical writing.

Spend 10 minutes capturing this on the board.

Some principles might include:

  • Know your audience;
  • Nudge your reader “with gentle commands”;
  • Writing well does not necessarily mean writing more;
  • Give a roadmap for long arguments (help your reader);
  • Use sentences;
  • Use words;
  • Use paragraphs;
  • Use examples;
  • Simplify and refine: until you submit it, it is a draft;
  • Don’t follow the guidelines when it’s appropriate not to.

Highlight that next week we will be peer reviewing other work:

  • First class meeting: review the three example pieces of work
  • Last class meeting: peer review draft of each others work

The three examples we will consider can be found here, note that they are not perfect and we will critically discuss them: