Post: Peer review of first draft


  • Use peer review to discuss and give feedback on individual research project.


5 mins: Discuss the marking criteria:

  • Code (50%): This is all about demonstrating a good understanding of the code taught and also demonstrating the learning/understanding of a new coding concept. This does not mean copying and pasting a completely different tutorial.
  • Content (25%): Demonstrating an actual good understanding of a specific topic. For example if you write a piece of work on computational numerical integration and makes errors this will lose marks. However, if you choose to write about Pythagoras’s theorem and do a great job demonstrating understanding than that will gain you marks.
  • Presentation (20%): Spelling and general writing but also clarity of mathematical discussion.
  • Lab work (5%): How engaged you have been through the 11 weeks, preparation for labs etc…

5 mins: Exchange coursework with another individual

15 mins: Read and write feedback

10 mins: Pair and discuss feedback

10 mins: Class discussion