For Tutors

The role of lab tutors is vital to the success of this course.

Records for each student are to be kept on copies of record.pdf which will be used in the final marking of their coursework.

During each lab session, the record.pdf document should assist with:

  • Speak to each student; making a note of their attendance.
  • During the first 6 weeks: assist where necessary.
  • From week 7 onwards: engage in discussions to help scaffold progress of students’ coursework.

Throughout: feedback specific and/or general difficulties to Vince Knight.

After week 10: return the filled in copies of record.pdf to Vince Knight.


  • With code queries: point students at section of notes where the answer is and then tell them what is needed.
  • With writing queries: ask them relevant questions (refer them to marking criteria etc…).
  • Make an effort to ensure you are fair and not advantaging a given student.
  • Aim to be encouraging and enthusiastic.


It is possible that some students might not have the same version of the library as used in the notes. This is unlikely to be the source of bugs (as they are likely to have versions of the library that are backwards compatible) but you can compare the version they are using (for example by running: np.__version__) to the list of libraries available here:

Some students might ask about other languages. Avoid saying things like this language is better than that language. If you’re aware of strengths of some languages (for example C is fast) then by all means discuss them but encourage them to learn as many languages as possible and/or to speak to me.

Preparation meeting agenda

Meet with all tutors prior to the start of semester to discuss:

  1. Undergraduate payment details.

  2. The course:

    • Discuss the chapters;
    • Discuss the weekly timetable;
    • Show the record document and discuss;
    • Discuss the coursework.
  3. Highlight the role of the tutor

    • In lab;
    • Post lab;
    • Pre lab.
  4. Show the timetable.

  5. Questions?