Using the cli and an editor

First meeting

After this meeting students should:

  • Understand the basic idea of using a cli and an editor

Explain that there is no specific class problem today as there is no new python concept to cover.

  • Open a terminal an macOS and explain the use of Anaconda Prompt on Windows.

  • Navigate to cfm describing the difference in commands when appropriate on Windows.

  • Open a Python REPL.

Now open VScode (show how to install), create a file and put it in the folder. Run it.

After class email

Send the following email after class:

Hi all,

A recording of today's class is available at <>.

In this class I went over using the command line and an editor.

In preparation for your tutorial tomorrow please work through the tenth
chapter of the Python for mathematics book:

A reminder that tomorrow is your last tutorial.

Please get in touch if I can assist with anything,