Example coursework

First meeting

After this meeting students should:

  • Understand how the individual coursework will look.

In class

Download and show students this notebook assignment.ipynb

Could be beneficial to show students how to download and open it (from the this page of notes). This is a task that is often difficult. Point students at: https://vknight.org/cfm/#how-to-download-the-coursework and here is a video showing how to do it as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpDtq589P8w

Work through the example coursework.

Second meeting

Ask students to download the mock (from the class site) and offer to demo how to do it.

Then take any questions.

After class email

Send the following email after class:

Hi all,

A recording of today's class is available at <>.

In this class I went over the example coursework.

In preparation for your tutorial please feel free to work through the mock
coursework or revise any topics seen so far.

Please get in touch if I can assist with anything,