Before first meeting

Send the following email before class:

Hi all,

In tomorrow's class I will give an example 15 minute presentation.

After the presentation and any question you might have we will discuss the
following principles of presetionat:

Note that as part of my presentation I will give you another example of an
entire project (the other examples having been discussed in class and in the

Please get in touch if I can assist with anything,

In class meeting

Give a presentation.

Specifically present ertai version 0.0.2 (a library specifically built for this purpose).

After the presentation, if there are any questions about the tpic answer them.

After that, give an overview of the principles of presentation:

Use breakout rooms of about 4 students to ask them to discuss the presentation and the principles.

Bring back for a group discussion.

After class email

Send the following email after class:

Hi all,

A recording of today's class is available at <>.

In this class I gave you a presentation of a similar format to what you will
be doing during your coursework assessment.

We also discussed principles of presentation:

You can find the paper that corresponds to the presentation here: (the tex source code is
available here:

Please get in touch if I can assist with anything,